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I was in a lonely, dark place of pain in 2016 due to various back injuries at work and had to medically retire

After my retirement the arthritis in my  hands ratcheted up and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I was plagued with migraines and headaches daily and I suffered with stomach cramps, diarrhoea and irritable bowel I was a mess and I thought I would be dead within two years, as my health was in such serious decline.

By chance, I came across quantum mechanics and was amazed and in awe by the science and discoveries.   

At the quantum level I found we are vortexes of energy. Finding this knowledge lit up my brain, as for the first time I  felt I may be able to get some control over my body. The information propelled me to research day and night. I learnt how to move my energy and de-calcify and open my pineal gland. I started practising Kundalini yoga and meditation. I started to see the sun again!

I reduced and stopped the antidepressants and multitude of prescription tablets . I was starting to  heal myself. Therefore I knew there was hope for so many people suffering with chronic pain and mental stress. I set off on my next mission and studied for a  Diploma in Bio-energy healing.

 During my son's cancer treatment, I learnt a great deal about the foods to eat, to avoid, natural remedies including the use of cumin oil, turmeric, coconut oil, cannabis oil and the importance of avoiding fluoride and white sugar. I am passionate about sharing the information, so people can make informed choices.  These will be discussed further in future blogs

My passion in life is to share the knowledge and information I gained to transform my life for the better and raise awareness so people can make informed choices and we can learn how best to help our horses and animals.

Our connections to each other and the universe, our consciousness, the strength and intelligence of our heart, our love, compassion, care and gratitude, the energies that abound in everything we see and do not see, all is vibration.

Our thoughts and feelings are vibration and have an  impact our health and well being whether these be positive or negative.


 Equine holistic health and therapy

I have and continue to have the most amazing experiences. I feel and see energy fields and continue to raise my frequency and vibration and experience different dimensions and have powerful healing sessions with horses, people and animals. 

I’m an animal lover and always been around  dogs, cat's guinea pigs etc  and worked with horses throughout my life. I qualified as a riding instructor at Tina Layton's yard Contessa Equestrian LLP in Hertfordshire, went on to train polo ponies in Windsor, ran a riding school in Battersea and  thereafter onto Registered General Nursing for 12 years. I became an Outreach Project Worker for Substance Misuse and within this time qualified in Reiki , Seichem, and Ear Acupuncture. 

Though I had some knowledge of alternative therapies, I never really understood or truly believed in their effectiveness. The study of epigenetics and quantum mechanics really opened my eyes to the energy and power of healing we all have within us.

I share my knowledge through training, presentations, workshops and one to one treatments and therapy for riders and horses and include brain/heart coherence techniques, maintenance and care of the energy fields, basic diet and nutrition, sound and three minute meditation techniques.

I  include holistic therapies such as simple movement and breathing techniques, advice on natural remedies, natural care of the horse etc.

 I specialise in horses, their riders and owners and communicate with horses and animals during treatment, using heart to heart energy. This is extremely effective  and allows the horse and animals to trust me and release tension.

My passion is helping the horses, animals and people unite together in harmony


Thank you for reading,

Jo Shaw 





"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.





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