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 equine holistic therapy and training

Methods to reduce fear and anxiety in people and animals. 

Heart Focused Breathing Technique - this is a useful method to reduce anxiety and tension for you. 

If you would like to calm your animal please see link below. It is easier than you think to communicate with animals. The most important is to believe and trust in yourself and TRY IT.

For more information on Communicating Heart to Heart click on link. 

These techniques are extremely useful to calm an animal whether the animal is near you or  distant for example the horse in the field or stable. If distant, use the same techniques but imagine your animal in your mind's eye. It can be helpful to look at their photo as you are breathing and communicating calm energy to them. 

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Total Contact - the Treeless saddle

I am thrilled to be able to offer discount for Stuart Attwood's treeless saddle for anyone who has individual or group training with me or who attends my presentations.  The saddle allows a closer connection between you and your horse. The energy between your two bodies can flow with greater ease thus promoting a more harmonious and aligned relationship. 

To book a session and 'ride test' the saddle, please contact me. For more information on the saddle and to read reviews, click on the link below.


Spiritual healing




  I am personally honoured to be featured with Larry Dossey MD in a      new film in development Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in         Medicine. 

  Can Spiritual Healing legitimately work with modern medicine?


This unique film explores current British research that suggests that spiritual healing could revolutionise medicine as we know it. Independent producer, Dena Barnett's personal journey across Europe and America offers a fresh perspective on what constitutes healing.  The film is well conceived and hugely important. I really don't know anything quite like it. We live in an age that is fanatically attracted to high-tech, expensive, invasive, and chemically dependent approaches to health.  Your efforts and vision show another way, a way based in consciousness, intention, compassion, and empathy -- a way that is anchored in our human origins.  We ignore this legacy at great risk -- for without these vital factors, no method of healing works as it should. - Larry Dossey MD

Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine is about the intersection of healing and medicine. The film explores the current UK research evidence, by researchers from the University of Birmingham and Northampton University, which strongly supports a role for spiritual healing in modern medicine.

The premise of the documentary, which Dena filmed in the UK, Italy and the US, is that Spiritual Healing is complementary to allopathic medicine. It should be considered a new frontier in the healing arts that addresses the perennial key questions about the nature of consciousness and its role in healing. These questions, of course, have been the elephant in the living room of modern science for too long. Dena has launched a website, a GoFundMe campaign, and the film's Facebook page. Psychic News interviewed Dena on the making of this film in the November edition, which can be read on the website.

Sid, features in this film, alongside other horses I have helped and is in the preview.

 Click on link:     Website      GoFundMe       Facebook       YouTube                               

Equine holistic therapy and training




"I've absolutely loved today,. Absolutely fascinating and really informative"

Yvonne Collyer January 12th 2019 'Introduction to Communication and Connection on the Quantum Level' at Contessa LLP, Hertfordshire.


" I really enjoyed the session again today! Jo is a great, enthusiastic teacher"

Claire Tridon January 12th 2019 Introduction to 'Communication and Connection on the Quantum Level' at Contessa LLP, Hertfordshire.

Equine holistic therapy and training


Equine holistic therapy and training


" Jo opened my eyes to the energy that surrounds us and is within us and our ponies"

Summer 2018 Pony Club Camp - Equine and Rider Energy Care and Communication


" wow.... loved the aromatherapy - the ponies chose their own oils and I love my crystal"

Summer 2018 Pony Club Camp - Equine and Rider Energy Care and Communication


Equine holistic therapy and training



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