Equine holistic health and therapy

Individualised Holistic health and Therapy

Energy health therapy is a combination of energy healing and holistic health enhancing techniques and modalities for horses, animals and people.

My therapies use cutting edge, scientifically proven  techniques to optimise the energy body.

I help you care for your physical, emotional and energy body promoting best practice therapies and techniques for you, the horse and animals. 

The therapies work in harmony with any other modailities for example counselling, medical care and other complementary therapies 

Group  Training 

My training can aid communication, connection and compassion within groups between people and animals.. The training can include 

  • Why our bodies become sick, how to reduce illness, increase resilience and improve immune system 
  • Stress and anxiety - why and how our body reacts to stress and techniques to restore optimum function
  • How our energy fields and the energy around affect us, our horses, animals and how to synchronise and optimise  energy
  • Caring for the energy body and raising the frequency
  •  Heart focused breathing and simple 3 minute breathing techniques
  •  Communication and connection between  horses, animals and people

 I provide specific, individualised training for groups.  You can book from an hour session - up to a half day. Please contact me for further information and to book training.

Information on

  • Optimising hydration and the benefits of shungite stones and distilled water
  • Natural products including Aloe Vera, Manuka honey, Black Cumin Oil, Turmeric, Coconut Oil
  • The Intelligence and energy of the heart
  • The importance of an alkaline body
  • Holistic therapies and natural care of the horse and animals 
  • Supporting a natural environment for the horse
  •  Specialist movement and stretching techniques to  release blocked energy in the human


I offer several holistic therapies and techniques for the horse and rider and work with you to address the problems you are experiencing whether this is with you, your horse or both.

Individual holistic health and therapy  for your horse will include full assessment and take between 1-2 hours.  Within our session we will discuss the individual issues for the horse. You are both connected so ideally we need to address you too. I can do this on an advisory basis or or through more formal therapy and training. Whatever you decide, it is important you learn about yourself and how this affects your horse. 

There are many options available, so please contact me for further information or sign up to my mailing list.


equine holistic therapy




"The Voyage of Discovery Lies Not in Seeking New Horizons but in Seeing With New Eyes"



How I Work With Energy and Heart to Heart Communication


As an Energy Health Therapist, I am experienced and skilled in assessing the health of the energy fields. I scan the body with my hands, holding them a few inches above the body, moving my hands to  detect any disturbances and difference of pattern. My hand and fingers tingle where there is a change in the electromagnetic fields.

I use various techniques to connect including powerful heart energy and intention. My energy operates at a high frequency. Once this energy starts to interact with the lower frequency energy, entrainment commences. Entrainment is when a lower frequency starts to 'tune' into a higher frequency.

As the energies entrain, tingling and/or movement (similar to air moving) may be felt.

This can cause slight discomfort and other sensations including a sense of breathlessness. Sometimes no sensations occur and this does not mean the therapy isn’t working. Some of my most successful ‘healing’ sessions have occurred when neither I nor client felt any sensation.

I do not call myself a healer as it’s the body that heals itself. I merely use my energy operating at a high vibrational level to connect with the energy body through entrainment and resonance.

This therapy is non-invasive and can be given in the comfort of your own environment You remain fully clothed and as stated earlier I use light to no touch on or around the body.

Occasionally I place my hands lightly on the body. Any discomfort felt during therapy usually resolves quickly

I use Heart to Heart communication techniques for horses and animals.This helps the horse/animal to recognise I am assisting healing and allows them to trust and let go of tension, in their own time. 

Each animal is individual and I go at their pace. Often, if the horse has been 'holding on' for a number of years and stoical they may not find it easy to release. However, I can connect with every animal using heart to heart communication and once they have the time to trust, they are able to relax and release the pent up emotional and physical stress contained within their bodies.  When the horse does 'let go', the owners often feel the power of their heart energy  and this can be a very emotional experience for all involved.  


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Does This Holistic Health and Therapy really help the Body?


Quantum mechanics and the invention of a SQUID (super quantum recording device) has recorded the energy coming from energy therapist’s hands during healing. The energy pulsations sweep back and forth between 0.3-30 hertz. This is the same frequency range researchers have found, effective for ‘jump starting’ healing in a variety of soft and hard tissues. Even in patients unhealed for as long as 40 years.

These specific frequencies stimulate the growth of nerves, bones, skin, capillaries, and ligaments.

This is why energy therapies using a full range of therapeutic frequencies, can help to stimulate healing in any part of the body.

We are taught the importance of maintaining our physical and mental well being but we can be unaware and not recognise the importance of the energy body. 

Energy healing removes negative quantum charges and restores missing or defective energetic information allowing organs to be strengthened and restoring energy flow. Energy seeks balance and other ways to remove negative charges includes meditation and synchronising the brain and the heart.

There are many ways of raising your frequency including meditation, listening to classical music, laughing and singing, walking in nature, eating organic and non GMO food including fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly raw and uncooked, eating a vegetarian diet, drinking distilled water, heart focused breathing, Yoga/Pilates/Qigong, raising your consciousness and living from the heart.

Raising your frequency helps synchronise the physical, mental, spiritual and energy health.

In my blog I will be providing  help and advice. Please take a look at my Facebook page @joenergy for information.

 equine holistic health and therapy

 equine holistic health and therapy



"Energy health therapy can help you, your friends, family and pets. From guinea pigs to cows. I care for animals of all sizes."



How To Raise Your Frequency

Energy healing balances quantum charges and restores missing or defective energetic information.



Energy seeks balance and any low frequency energy compressed within the cells requires a higher frequency.  Energy therapy is one of the fastest ways of balancing the energy body.

Meditation and creating the feelings of pure love, compassion, care and gratitude are ways of raising frequency.   Gregg Braden’s Harmonising the Heart and Vishen Lakhiani superb and simple ‘meditation’ video are helpful techniques.

 We are quite good at looking after our physical body but should ideally take a minimum of 15 minutes a day, tending our mental health. Meditation and breathing help synchronise our physical, mental, spiritual and energy health. The simple heart breathing technique can be used anytime throughout the day, for however many minutes you wish, and is especially helpful before entering into a stressful situation.

I highly recommend you embrace these into your everyday life and in my blog I will be providing further invaluable advice and information. These are 2 of the most important but simple techniques I can share with you to help YOU start aligning with your vibrational body.

equine holistic health and therapy





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this therapy help chronic disease?  The therapy certainly seems to help and I have seen improvements in horses with conditions such arthritis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, resulting in owners making the decision to reduce prescribed medication. 
  • Does my horse have to have a specific problem to benefit from this therapy?  All horses and animals carry a degree of tension and may not be presenting with a noticeable problem. Animals can be suffering and incorporate this discomfort into their daily lives. They continue until they can't and this is when we see manifestations including difficulty moving, behavioural changes etc. It is very important to look for any change in behaviour that may indicate pain/discomfort and I will discuss this in greater depth on this website
  • What length of time do you recommend between each therapy session? 7-21 days is the approximate length of time I recommend between each therapy session
  • How many sessions are required? Often, only one session is required to see a significant difference. However, most horses benefit from up to 3 sessions, within a 2-3 month period. A 'top up' session is then recommended every 6-8 weeks.However, each animal is individual and I will be able to advise on the best course of treatment after the initial assessment.
  • What difference will I see in my horse or animal? You will almost certainly notice changes in the emotional and physical behaviour within a few days. Horses are often more able to manage transition work, bending, moving forward etc as the energy flows through the cells and the immune system optimises.  Owners report the animal's character appears to develop and evolve and they seem more connected to people, particularly with the owners .The therapy seems to break down barriers and open up alternative channels of communication and it can be quite magical. The less discomfort the horse carries, the more he can express himself fully. 
  • How will my horse feel after the session? Your horse may be quite tired and sleep after the therapy and it is important to rest the horse for a day or two and keep well hydrated. 
  • Can the therapy help with acute, physical injury? The therapy can assist in acute injury and aids healing by improving the energy flow in the cells thus optimising the immune system. The therapy is also calming and often after a physical injury, there is emotional trauma held in the body by tension. I treat not just the injured area but the whole body to align and re-balance the energy flow.  

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Want To Try Holistic Health and Therapy ?  

Would you like to see if my holistic health and therapy can help you, your horse or animal ?
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equine holistic therapy and training