The Power of Positive and Negative Emotions on Water

In 1994, Emoto and his team experimented with water in their quest to freeze beautiful crystals. Water taken from taps and rivers and lakes near big cities did not bear beautiful crystals. From rivers and lakes with pristine water, crystals were formed. They froze the water in differing circumstances. Some water was exposed to negative emotions such as hate and rage and froze in a disfigured haphazard way. Water exposed to nice music and emotions such as love formed beautiful crystals.

Quantum mechanics shows us how our observation (thoughts and feelings) affects matter. In the famous double slit experiment the scientist’s observations of electrons caused them to behave like waves when they ‘should’ have behaved like particles. It was one of the first experiments that gave us an in site into the ‘weird' and wonderful nature of the quantum world.

When you recognise our bodies are comprised of 85%  water and look back to Emoto’s crystals,  it’s no surprise scientists have found our thoughts affect our DNA and these two experiments have been followed by many more proving the case.

I will be sharing more information on the latest quantum findings, what it means for us in regard to our bodies and connection with the universe and how we can improve our health knowing this information in our blog.