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equine training


For Young Riders

I teach young riders the Heart and Brain coherence - a 3 step heart breathing technique reducing cortisol stress hormone, elevating immunoglobulin upgrading the immune system and syncing the neural pathway. This gives a tool for resilience as they grow up and face the stresses of life. They learn how to see energy, how to feel it in their hands (and others), the pony's energy systems and how to feel the pony's energy fields. The ponies experience aromatherapy oils and with the rider's help, choose the oil of their choice. 

I teach this individually or in groups for example, the Pony Club. The Equine Energy Care Badge and Certificate can be completed and these sessions run at Parkhall Equestrian Riding Centre at present. If you would like this training at your stables, please contact me. 

 Any group you are involved in as a parent/carer please contact me to discuss how I can best help you. 


equine holistic therapy and pony club trainingequine holistic therapy and pony club  trainingequine holistic therapy and pony club training

equine holistic therapy and pony club training  



Equine Holistic Therapy and Training 



    Equine Energy Alignment and Therapy       

  •  Energy Alignment Therapy £50 - £65
  • FREE aromatherapy oil 
  •  Advice and information on natural products included in cost
  • Heart Focused Breathing and Heart Rate Variability Monitoring, for owner 
  • Energy Release Movement Techniques - as requested.

  Discount for both Horse and Rider combined holistic healing therapy 

Discount for 2 or more horses at the same premises

I am based In Cambridgeshire. Travel costs may apply for other areas. 

 Click here for more information on an Equine Therapy Session for your horse

                           Workshop Training for Riders

If you would like training in your area, please contact me to discuss.

The training can include

  • Energy Systems in the Horse and common problem areas
  • Energy Systems in the Human and Interaction with the Horse
  • How to connect and communicate Heart to Heart with your Horse
  • Heart Coherence Breathing Techniques and Box breathing
  • Demonstration on Energy healing for the horse and guidance on how to see energy and feel the energy fields of the horse and human
  •  Authentic Movement and Energy Release Techniques for the rider
  • Behaviour/Stress/Anxiety - Emotional and Energetic Connection Issues including the Fight/Flight/Freeze response and how to improve alignment for the horse and rider
  • Basic Quantum Mechanics and Epigenetics


Group Sessions

4 hour session from £35.00 per person

6 hour session from £65.00 per person

Individual Training

90 minute session from £85.00 

Pony Club and Riding Club discounts available.

Please contact me to discuss training and costs - I ensure my training is affordable for everyone. 


Exclusive Specialist Training for Riders  

  • Connection and Communication - Heart Energy and Intention
  • Quantum Jumping to create the reality of your choice
  • The Law of Attraction and how to influence outcomes
  • Meditation Techniques for opening the Third Eye/Increasing Intuition
  • Brain and Heart Frequency and Vibration
  • Breathing and the Power of Alignment

  There are several techniques I teach, all based on the law of Quantum Physics and  the Quantum World and scientifically researched.

These techniques are beneficial to all riders and will be tailored to your requirements.       







equine healing training













animal and equine holistic therapy

Animal Holistic health and Therapy


Energy healing therapy and holistic health for ANY creature including


 Gerbils, Rats, Rabbits, Amphibians, Birds 

Dogs, Cats, Goats, Ponies, Horses, Cows, Snakes

Exotic animals

Insects - Bees, Locusts

Treatment starts at £10.00 

Discounts available.

It is recommended professional diagnosis by a veterinarian is sought before commencing with any therapy session. Please ensure, you have discussed accessing this therapy with your vet, before the animal's therapy session. 

  • Energy therapy may be integrated with many other modalities such as, physiotherapy, chiropractor and so on.
  • Do not cease any medical treatment or medication for your animal without first consulting your veterinarian
  • Be aware it is common for your animal to experience minor, temporary reactions during therapy, including ‘tingling’ and ‘popping’ sensations. These can be quite intense, so If the therapy is causing any distress, I will give short breaks during the session. The animal often relaxes during therapy.
  •  Animals often experience tiredness after therapy, so it is important to allow your animal to rest for a day or two.  Your animal may be trying to unwind and relax after ‘holding it all together’.
  • It is important to keep the animal well hydrated in the days between therapy sessions, unless otherwise advised by myself or veterinary professional.
  •  Sessions can continue until symptoms have decreased or ceased. I will discuss my recommendations during and after the initial assessment session.
  • On average, I recommend 7 -10 days between therapy sessions, to allow the animal to absorb the effects of the therapy and allow time for alignments or adjustments to take place. However, each animal is individual and depending on circumstances, as in acute injury, more frequent sessions may be required.
  • Smaller animals usually require less time, approx. 20 -30 minutes and usually show remarkable improvement in symptoms and behaviour after just one session.




Equine and animal holistic health and therapy  Disclaimer

The treatment times and prices are a guideline. Your pets and animals are unique and individual in size, body mass and energy alignment requirement. During assessment and treatment, I will be guided by your animal and their energy and this will be fully discussed with you during the treatment session.

The veterinary act of 1966 states only a veterinary surgeon may treat an animal not belonging to them. within this act permission is granted for other professionals offering specialised therapy to administer this treatment providing they have prior permission from a veterinarian. I ensure I act within this duty of care and endeavour to seek this permission prior to therapy commencement the therapy can be used alongside any veterinary care your animal may be receiving and can be used alongside any other therapy modalities    

The Energy Health Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.

I do not diagnose the body. I advise where I feel the energy disturbances. I work with the energy body promoting health, activating and stimulating the natural healing process and balancing the overall body. 



You can become the person you want to be and we will guide and support you as you step forward on this journey through our therapy session and blogs



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